Aviation insurance

Aviation insurance

The Aeronautical Insurance is underwritten due to the need to provide coverage for civil liability risks arising from aviation activities, whether private or commercial. Third Party Liability and Third Party Non-Passenger Aeronautical Liability is therefore a compulsory risk to be covered in accordance with European and national legislation of each State.

In addition to the compulsory civil liability coverage, aviation insurance may cover the hull of the aircraft, the Personal Accidents of pilots and passengers, the deductible applied by the Insurers to the hull in the event of a loss, etc. All these coverages are totally optional, but with a long tradition of being contracted by both private aircraft owners and aircraft operators.

ATCA has been a specialist in aviation insurance for more than 15 years and has extensive experience in the international market to place the risks posed by our policyholders. Visit our website:www.segurosaviacion.es.

Aircraft Insurance

We have all the Aircraft Insurance you need: Hull, Civil Liability, Pilots' Personal Accidents, Equipment and Material, Deductible or Excess.

Drone Insurance

With this insurance you can fly with peace of mind, you can also choose if you want to insure the hull and have the drone at all risks. Don't risk it.

Loss of License Insurance

Secure your future. In the event of an event that would prevent you from returning to your profession, you will be compensated.

Civil Liability Insurance

We have all the Liability insurances you need: Hangarkeepers, Maintenance workshops, CAMO and CAMO+, Damage to facilities and simulators, Airport activity and Administrators / D&O.

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