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What is the Visiting Teachers Program (PPVV)?

The Visiting Teachers Program is a program through which Spanish teachers of compulsory education provide their services as Spanish teachers in primary and secondary schools in the USA and Canada.
ATCA Insurance Brokers has extensive experience in arranging insurance for visiting teachers.
We have been insuring teachers in the USA for more than 10 years.

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General Aspects

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Main Coverage

This is probably the main reason why we take out travel insurance. he medical expenses guarantee is the most important of your insurance since it covers accidents, serious illnesses or doctor's appointments that may occur during your trip.

Thanks to this guarantee, the expenses derived from illness or accident that you suffer during the trip and up to the limit that you have contracted in your policy are covered. We will cover the costs of a medical consultation, hospitalization, surgery, medication and even emergency dental expenses... We will even cover, up to the contracted limit, unforeseen expenses caused by the extension of your stay in a hotel if you are unable to travel on the initially planned date.

Choose an insurance that covers medical, surgical and pharmaceutical expenses and with limits appropriate to your destination. The cost of medicine in the USA or some Asian countries is much higher than in Europe. As an example, an appendicitis operation in the USA can cost between $25,000 and $40,000.

In addition, you will have at your disposal the best international medical assistance network anywhere in the world. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you if you suffer any health problem during your trip. And with no money down. In case of emergency, you only have to contact the 24-hour assistance platform to coordinate the visit with a medical center and manage the payment of the bills directly with the administration of the medical center. This way you will not have to pay any expenses at the hospital or outpatient center.

The travel insurance we offer covers medical assistance in case of Covid-19 infection, including testing if necessary.

There are exclusions in the medical expenses that you should consult in the general conditionsof the contract.

In case repatriation is necessary due to a serious health problem or death, make sure that your policy does not have economic limits for this coverage. Also check that it allows repatriation accompanied by a family member at no additional cost.

Our travel insurance policies cover all repatriation expenses for the injured, sick and deceased on an unlimited basis. This means that we organize and pay for your return home and provide you with appropriate medical transport if necessary.

In the event of repatriation due to illness, accident or death, the repatriation expenses of your companion and children traveling with you are also covered, provided that they cannot return by the means initially planned.

Take out an insurance policy that includes this coverage as situations may arise during your trip that force you to return home (hospitalization due to an accident or serious illness of a family member or death of a family member or serious loss at home). It is important that you check the degree of kinship included in your insurance.

It is very important to see the clauses of these guarantees since for some companies they only apply in case the ticket contracted by the insured for the return trip to Spain does not allow him to anticipate the same one or they apply surcharges or penalties to him.

These insurers consider that an "early return" cannot take place if there is no previously purchased return ticket.

This is especially true for long stay trips where there is no fixed ticket for the return to Spain.

If during the trip you need to be hospitalized for a minimum number of days, we cover a round trip ticket and hotel expenses so that a family member can accompany you.

Theft and damage to luggage are the most common types of insurance coverage for this type of insurance. Take out an insurance policy that covers luggage and documentation, as this is a major problem when we are away from our usual place of residence.

In case your luggage is stolen, we guarantee compensation for the loss of your materials and personal belongings up to the limit you have contracted. In addition, we will help you to claim your luggage and locate it.

We also cover justified expenses, up to the established limit, for obtaining the necessary documents for your trip (passport, visa, credit cards, etc.).

In case of loss of your luggage, we will help you to search for and locate it and assume the cost of shipping it to your home address.

There are exclusions (money, for example) and limitations that you should consult in the general conditions of the contract.

Sometimes our trip may be cancelled by the carrier, we may suffer delays in departure, we may miss a connection... which may generate extra expenses. The insurance reimburses travel expenses, lodging and unexpected meals.

We may also find upon arrival at our destination that our luggage has been lost during the trip. In this case we will cover the purchase of the basic necessities you need until your luggage is delivered to you.

The Civil Liability guarantee covers, up to the established limit, the indemnities that the insured party must pay as a private person, as civilly liable for bodily injury or property damage involuntarily caused to third parties in their persons, animals or things during the trip. In addition, it will be the Company itself who will take care of the whole process, assuming the legal costs and fees, the provision of judicial bonds required from the insured.

There are exclusions that you should consult in the general conditionsof the contract.

If you have to cancel your trip before starting it, you are likely to suffer a significant financial loss. Check that your insurance will compensate you if any of these contingencies occur and what is its economic limit. It is very important that you check which causes are covered.

If an unforeseen event occurs that prevents you from taking the trip at the last minute, the company will reimburse you for the management, cancellation and penalty fees charged by the travel supplier.

The insurance covers the cost of the trip not enjoyed for different reasons:

  • -Health reasons: accident, death or serious illness of the insured or a family member; call for surgery; transplant appointment....

  • - Labor reasons: professional dismissal or incorporation to a new job; presentation to official competitive examinations....

  • -For legal reasons: summons as part of a Court or an electoral board; delivery of a child for adoption; the non-granting of visas for unjustified reasons....

  • - Extraordinary causes: act of air piracy, declaration of catastrophic zone of the origin or destination of the trip, serious damage to the insured person's home.....

  • -For other causes such as cancellation of the companion's trip due to covered causes, theft of documentation or luggage; cancellation of the wedding if it is a honeymoon.....

In the same way, if you have to interrupt your trip, once it has begun, due to accident or illness, hospitalization or death of a family member, serious damage to your home... the insurance assumes the cost of the services contracted before the beginning of the trip that cannot be used or reimbursed.

13 Correduria de seguros autorizada

Insurance brokerage authorized by the Directorate General of Insurance with code J-3256 and underwritten policies of Civil Liability and Surety in accordance with the current independent Legislation.

14 Profesionales independientes bis

As insurance brokers we are independent professionals since we are not linked to any insurance company. We are, therefore, impartial and objective when it comes to choosing the insurance that best suits or best suits our clients.

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In the Innovation Category, for the article "Experience, closeness and specialized advice", submitted by Leonor García Méndez-Villamil, Technical Director of ATCA Insurance Brokers.

We work for you only with the best specialist companies.

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